February 17, 2015

[Field Notes] MS15-008 + (Lync Server 201x) PowerShell ‘Hangs’ on Windows Server 2012 R2

The MS15-008* security bulletin (KB3019215) should be installed on affected server operating system with the “Windows Desktop Experience” feature installed. For Windows Server 2012 R2, executing any PowerShell cmdlets (after applying the patch) which require (auto)loading of additional Modules may cause the session to hang e.g. Get-WindowsFea[tab].

Likewise, executing Lync Server Management Shell will result in it staying stuck at the black screen (without the PS> prompt) and Lync Deployment Wizard left at the “Determining deployment state”.

You checked and verified that the machine was restarted after applying the MS15-008 patch, and that no suspicious entries was uncovered in Event Viewer:

February 16, 2015

TIP 1505 (Lync 201x): Get Front-End Pool Computer Names Dynamically

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No more hard-coded Lync Server 201x / Skype for Business Front-End Pool computer names in #PowerShell #Script:

#requires -version 3.0
(Get-CsService -Registrar).PoolFqdn

#TIP #Lync #ITPros #Skype4Business #Skype4B

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February 10, 2015

Update Digest: Lync Server 2010, Lync 2013, SDN, Lync Online Communications Template (Feb 2015)

Lync 2013 (desktop client)

Update for Microsoft Lync 2013 (KB2920744)
[version 1.0] released 2 Feb 2015
- lync2013-kb2920744-fullfile-x64-glb.exe (64-Bit)
- lync2013-kb2920744-fullfile-x86-glb.exe (32-Bit)

Lync Server 2010

Lync Server 2010 Hotfix KB2493736
[version 7577.710] released 6 Feb 2015
download LyncServerUpdateInstaller.exe
Security Update for Lync Server 2010 (KB2982388, KB2982385)
Security bulletin: MS14-055
(Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Lync Server Could Allow Denial of Service (2990928))
download Rgs.msp and Server.msp
[version 7577.707]


February 9, 2015

TIP 1504 (Lync 201x): Mute Audio for Meeting Participants Joining as Organizers (not only Attendees)?

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Depending on who or how a Lync online meeting is setup, the microphone is automatically (software) unmuted whenever a participant attends as an organizer using the Lync 201x client. There does not seem to be any in-bound client policy or configuration that a Lync administrator can set to permanently mute such meeting attendee type by default. Typically, a presenter is “Anyone from my organization”.

Unless you have a headset or device with a hardware mute switch, you can ’simulate’ setting to mute for all audio calls via Lync 2013 Options / Phones / Join meeting audio from / Do not join audio. That way, you maintain full control as to when audio should be added or not at the very moment you step into the Lync conference as a meeting organizer.

Note that there exists the meeting option “Mute all attendees” when scheduling a Lync online meeting in Outlook.

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Mute in Lync conferences: Default audio join behavior and how to change it (link)

February 5, 2015

TIP 1503 (PowerShell/Lync): Get-CsPstnGateway Where?

The counterpart to Set-CsPstnGateway is not Get-CsPstnGateway. The latter does not exist as a standalone cmdlet. Instead, call Get-CsService into action with the -PstnGateway parameter:

#requires -version 3.0
(Get-CsService -PstnGateway).PoolFqdn

#PowerShell #Lync #Tip #ITPros

RECAP: PSTN Gateways are created using the Lync Topology Builder and configured with Set-CsPstnGateway.

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February 4, 2015

TIP 1502 (PowerShell): *-Service Cmdlets to Target Services on Remote Hosts

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Except Get-Service and Set-Service, the other * -Service cmdlets do not support the -ComputerName parameter in PS 1.0 through 4.0. You can pipe a (remote) ServiceController object obtained from Get-Service to workaround this limitation:

Get-Service -ComputerName LyncFE01 -Name RTCASMCU | Restart-Service #-force

This does not depend on PowerShell remoting and works in PS versions 3.0 and higher. For earlier PS versions, use the object’s built-in Start()* method:

(Get-Service -ComputerName LyncFE01 -Name RTCASMCU).Start()

* or Stop(), Pause(), etc.

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January 28, 2015

Book: Lync Server 2013 Cookbook

Not one, not two or three but 4 great authors* put their heads together to bring you a new book “Lync Server Cookbook” (Jan 2015) covering Lync Server 2013 on-premises to Office 365/Lync Online in the cloud.

As a member of the technical reviewer team for this book, this one great reference is highly recommended as it has more than 90 recipes, bringing together practical tips/tricks with ready to run PowerShell scripts to help you configure, integrate, and manage your Lync Server deployment.

Get a copy for your bookself here today!

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* Fabrizio Volpe, Alessio Giombini, Lasse Nordvik Wedø, António Vargas

January 25, 2015

TIP 1501 (PowerShell): sc -ne sc

Filed under: Windows Server 2012 R2/ 2008 R2, Windows 8/ Windows 7, PowerShell — Desmond Lee @ 1:03 pm

sc = #Alias for Set-Content in #Windows #PowerShell
C:\Windows\System32\sc.exe = CLI Service Control Manager
(start/stop services on local/#remote PCs)

The majority of the *-Service cmdlets (PowerShell 1.0 through 4.0) does not support the -ComputerName parameter to target a specific (local or remote) machine i.e. Start-Service, Restart-Service or Stop-Service.

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January 24, 2015

Update Digest: Lync Server 2013, Skype for iPhone, Visio Stencil, Networking Guide, Sonus SBC and more (Dec/Jan 2015)

- Updates for Lync Server 2013 (KB2809243)

  • [version 8308.866] released 31 Dec 2014
  • download LyncServerUpdateInstaller.exe
  • post “CU10″ December 2014 Cumulative Update (5.0.8308.857)
  • Google Chrome issue, stability and other fixes

- Network Planning, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting with Lync Server

  • includes additional WiFi and QoS guidance (updated Jan. 2015)
  • comes with the new Microsoft Call Quality Methodology Scorecard for Lync Server 2013/2010
  • download Lync_Server_Networking_Guide_v2.3.zip

- New #Office #Visio 2012/2014 #Stencil Sets (Jan2015; more…)


January 18, 2015

Certified SIP Professional Course (Limited Free Access)

Free Access to Certified SIP Professional Course for Avaya, IAUG, Developers and Suppliers for a limited time. More info and sign-up here (Adobe Flash Player recommended).

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