November 26, 2014

Update Digest: Lync 2010, Skype 7.2 for Mac (Nov 2014)

Lync 2010 (desktop client)

  • November 2014 update for Lync 2010 (KB3006209)
  • contact Microsoft Customer Support Services to obtain the hotfix
  • resolves the following issues:
    - KB2890167 Lync 2010 users cannot see a PowerPoint presentation that is presented by a Lync Web App user
    - KB3006219 Lync 2010 crashes when a user invites another user to an IM conversation or starts a new IM conversation
    - KB3006222 Right side DBCS strings are truncated after you install a January 2014 update for Lync 2010

Skype 7.2 for Mac

  • Fixes: adjusted color contrast in chat (improved readability), stability, performance improvements
  • download and more info here

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November 24, 2014

TIP 1420B: Get-CsPoolFabricState | … ? (Lync Server 2013 / Windows Fabric and Routing Group)

In Lync Server 2013, the cmdlet Get-CsPoolFabricState does not accept or generate any objects as output in the pipeline. String values representing the Windows Fabric state is displayed directly to the console. It is not possible to capture or redirect the text output using a regular pipe (|) or redirection (>) to a file on disk (not even with the clip.exe tool).

One way to summarize the list of user routing groups from Get-CsPoolFabricState is to first manually copy and save the raw text output to a text file:



November 21, 2014

Update Digest: Lync Server 2013 / Lync 2013 Cumulative Update, Management Pack, etc. (Nov 2014)

Lync Server 2013

  • Updates for Lync Server 2013 - “CU7″ Nov 2014 (KB2809243)
  • [version 8308.834] (download)
  • applies to both Lync Server 2013 and Lync Server 2013 Multitenant Hosting Pack

Lync 2013 (desktop client)

  • November 11, 2014 update for Lync 2013 (KB2899507)
  • [version”1.0″ 15.0.4667.1000] download Lync update package (lync2013-kb2899507-fullfile-x??-glb.exe - x86 or x64)
  • Prerequisites: MSO (KB2899493, November 2014), MSORES* (KB2817624, September 2013) and Lynchelp (KB2881083, August 2014)* included in Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1 - KB2817430)

Lync Server 2013 Management Pack

  • [version 5.0.8308.831]
  • download (LS2013ManagementPacks.msi, Lync Server 2013 Management Pack Guide.doc and WatcherNode.msi)


  • Microsoft Lync Room System Deployment Guide (Nov2014 download)
  • Microsoft Lync Room System Administrative Web Portal
    - A Lync Server web component to monitor and manage Lync Room System devices
    - [version 8308.846] download (LyncRoomAdminPortal.exe)
  • Configuring the Windows Server 2012 Web Application Proxy as a Reverse Proxy for Lync Server (download)

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Keywords: patch, security, hotfix, update, rollup package, lync cumulative update (Lync 2013), lync server, security, cu update, mise à jour, cu, update rollup, RU (release update)

November 19, 2014

TIP 1420A: Get-CsPoolFabricState (Lync Server 2013 / Windows Fabric and Routing Group)

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Windows Fabric is the underlying technology which enables Lync Server 2013 to perform its magic of high availability and redundancy at the Front-End Enterprise Edition pool-level. This loosely-coupled brick-model reduces dependencies on the SQL database back-end at the expense of heavier hardware demands on each FE server node.

At the very initial start-up, each of the FE server is assigned to a routing group in the EE pool. The number of routing groups dynamically increases as additional users come on-board. Written into the msRTCSIP-UserRoutingGroupID AD attribute, this is how a Lync-enabled user is associated with a routing group of a pool.


November 17, 2014

TIP #1419: Check SQL Database Disk Space Usage (Lync Server 2013)

To check disk space usage for the various SQL database tables utilized in Lync Server 2013, execute the SQL stored procedure:


against the local rtcxds table of each Front-End server pool via SQL Management Studio (look under the percentage filled column).

November 13, 2014

TIP: Modify Multivalue AD Attributes in PowerShell (Lync Server)

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Although a Lync Server 201x infrastructure can support multiple SIP domains, only one is active as the primary (routing) SIP domain at any one time. A Lync-enabled user is identified with an unique SIP address (assigned from a list of SIP domains, if defined). This is automatically written to both the msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress and proxyAddresses attributes in Active Directory when the Lync Server Control Panel or Management Shell is used (single- and multivalue attributes respectively). Both must match in the 2 attributes so that Lync (and Outlook integration) can function properly.


November 11, 2014

Lync -> Skype for Business

Lync Server will be rebranded as Skype for Business in the first half of 2015. A new client experience, new server release & Office 365 updates are in the pipeline. Apart from improved ease of use for end-users, Lync Server 2013 running on-premises can be updated to Skype for Business without any need for new hardware investments.

Read more about this official announcements here and here.

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October 29, 2014

Update Digest: Lync for Mac 2011 / Phone Editions Update (Oct 2014)

  • October 2014 update for Lync for Mac 2011 14.0.10 (KB3007876)
    [version 141024] released 29 Oct 2014; download lync_14.0.10_141024.dmg
  • Microsoft Lync Phone Edition for Aastra 6721ip and Aastra 6725ip (link)
  • Microsoft Lync Phone Edition for HP 4110 and HP 4120 (link)
  • Microsoft Lync Phone Edition for Polycom CX500, Polycom CX600 and Polycom CX3000 (link)
October 20, 2014

PowerShell and SQL Stored Procedure (The MVP Monday Series)

Super excited to share with you a guest post entitled “PowerShell and SQL Stored Procedure” I authored for The MVP Award Program Blog. Here is a short abstract:

PowerShell is the window to managing many aspects of a Lync Server 201x environment. Coupled with the deployment of the Monitoring Server service (or separate role in 2010) …

In this compact article, I shall show you how to utilize the built-in SQL stored procedures associated with the Lync databases…

Read the full article here or at the Microsoft Press Blog (#MVPBuzz / @MVPAward)

Thanks Melissa :-)

UPDATE (21. Oct 2014)

The code listing is now available in plain text - all thanks to your suggestions and feedback. Keep them coming please (including any ideas for future articles / blog posts)!

October 16, 2014

Microsoft Ignite 2015 Chicago (4 to 8 May) - Enterprise Technology Conferences all Under One Roof

ATTENTION Lync, MEC and SharePoint Conference delegates!

Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015 (Chicago, IL)

Come year 2015 (4-8 May) in Chicago, IL is the all new Microsoft Ignite Conference. This enterprise technology conference brings together today’s separately run conferences from the entire Office family of products under one roof covering on-premise deployment to the cloud running Office 365.

Super early registration is now open at You can also participate in the Office 365 Technical Network’s Ignite Event group (in Yammer) to help shape plans for the event today.

Shape the event | Join the YamJam!

- Introducing Microsoft Ignite and our lineup of top conferences in 2015 (The Official Microsoft Blog; link)
- Introducing Microsoft Ignite – meet us in Chicago (Exchange team Blog; link)
- Introducing Microsoft Ignite (Office Blog/Lync; link)

MEC = Microsoft Exchange Conference