Desmond LEE specializes in end-to-end enterprise infrastructure, cross platform open web and mobile applications to innovative cloud solutions. These are built around proven business processes, effective project team management and people integration across all C*-levels and various industries worldwide.

Based in Zürich, Switzerland, he is an ex-MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) recognized for his dedicated passion and volunteer work in the IT and DevOps community. An established speaker at major global and regional events known for his real-world insights with decades of hands-on experiences*, Desmond contributes frequently to several highly rated publications and often engages in popular Microsoft public forums/newsgroups.

Desmond holds a Master of Science university degree and is a SVEB certified trainer, coach and founder of the Swiss IT Pro User Group (www.swissitpro.ch), an independent, non-profit organization for IT Pros by IT Pros championing Microsoft, open-source and related technologies.

Internationally, Desmond is CertTESOL qualified in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages as awarded by Trinity College London.

You can follow his IT adventures at www.leedesmond.com.

* consultancy, concept design, engineering, proof-of-concept, testing, scripting/automation (PowerShell), technical documentation from private, hybrid to public cloud infrastructure

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CHGLOG PowerShell 7 vs 5.1: Check for Cmdlet Parameter Support

Assuming that you have already run Update-Help -force -UICulture “en-us” on your local machine, you can check if a set of cmdlets support a particular parameter. Staying on the *-Service cmdlets, execute the following to check which cmdlet supports the –ComputerName parameter in your target PowerShell version: $s = Get-Help *-service $s.name | % { …

CHGLOG PowerShell 7 vs 5.1: Get-Service & Set-Service -ComputerName Parameter is Gone

The –ComputerName parameter in Get-Service and Set-Service permits targeting a remote machine without relying on Windows PowerShell remoting in 5.1.x. This parameter no longer exists in the new PowerShell 7.0.0. Next to this change, the following parameters of the Get-Service cmdlet now accept wildcard characters by default: – DisplayName – Exclude – Include – Name …