HELP: PowerShell 5.1 / 5.0 What’s New (and More) – Part 1 Alias

Kicking off this series of installment is the topic of Alias in Windows PowerShell 5.x.

Here, there is really only a (less-than) handful of new aliases or alternate names introduced in PowerShell 5.0, namely:

gcb     #Get-Clipboard
gpv    #Get-ItemPropertyValue
scb     #Set-Clipboard

No new aliases are known to exist on top of 5.0 in PS 5.1.

Incidentally, …

… these cmdlets (for the respective aliases) were first introduced in PS 5.0 as well.

If you execute Get-Help Get-Clipboard with the -Detailed or -Full switch, you will not find any mention of gcb being the associated alias for this cmdlet (same case for the others listed). Doing it for another cmdlet, say Get-Help Get-Service -Full will clearly show the following in the NOTES section:

You can also refer to Get-Service * by its built-in alias, “gsv”. For more information, see about_Aliases.

This is another sad inconsistency one finds throughout PowerShell documentation regardless of your preferred local or online help information source (where the latter is supposed to be always and most up-to-date being in the cloud somewhere) [1].

To get a list of available alias and associated cmdlet, simply execute:
get-alias | select -Property name,ReferencedCommand


– use %windir%\system32\clip.exe in previous versions to fulfill the task now done by the gcb/scb combi
– for gpv, this new cmdlet simplifies the retrieval of a (registry, filesystem, etc.) property without dot notation


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