Get-CsPoolFabricState – UserServices not installed

On Skype for Business Server 2015, you may encounter:

Get-CsPoolFabricState: UserServices is not installed on this machine

Ensure that the value set to the -PoolFqdn parameter of this cmdlet indeed points to a Front-End Standard or Enterprise Edition Pool and not just a node’s FQDN in the server pool. All other pool types like Mediation, Edge or Persistent Chat are not valid (for obvious reason).

Still no change as reported in my last blog post on this very topic – the Get-CsPoolFabricState cmdlet does NOT generate any objects or allow its output to be captured. One workaround is to explicitly run the cmdlet as follows:

powershell.exe Get-CsPoolFabricState -PoolFqdn > out.txt

… and process the saved result with Select-String for instance.

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