#skype4b #powershell Get-CsWindowsService Missing Service

On a machine with the latest SkypeForBusiness Server 2015 PowerShell module, you successfully execute Get-CsWindowsService directly or remotely by wrapping the former in Invoke-Command with the -ComputerName parameter.

However, you noticed that targeting a Lync Server 2013 Front-End pool may omit some core services such as FabricHostSvc in the result set. This is despite the fact that you explicitly Import-Module Lync in the Invoke-Command statement.

The workaround is to check for the missing service and explicitly run Get-CsWindowsService -ComputerName $server -Name FabricHostSvc.

Note that although you can use Get-Service, the object type is that of ServiceController which differs from NTService returned from Get-CsWindowsService.

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