NEW 2021 SIMU RELEASE – Spanish & Italian (Ir)regular Verb Conjugation Reference (Mobile)

Check out the new 2021 versions now available in the Android Google Play store today!

Spanish (Ir)regular Verbs Conjugation Reference Version 6.00
Italian (Ir)regular Verbs Conjugation Reference + Prepositions Version 4.00

These releases update the previous versions and supersede the PRO editions.

( PLS SEE „IMPORTANT“ & NOTE in APP description )

  • Multi-tab view of various tense conjugation
  • Add/search your personal notes per verb/tense (multi language support)
  • Mark individual item as favourite (conjugated verb/pronoun)
  • Copy list to clipboard (History, Favourites, Notes)
  • Common preposition + noun (vice versa)
  • Grammar – new quick reference, expanded notes
  • More favourites plus sort options
  • UI improvements e.g. landscape mode, fav indicators
  • General bug fixes & enhancements

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